Movie nights are cozy ways for families, couples, and individuals to find a moment to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Movies can transport a person to another time or place, but don’t forget to take a tasty snack on your journey. Having the best, most flavorful, gourmet popcorn is the perfect fit. And, depending on the popcorn flavor, you can expect your journey to take new and exciting turns.

 Watching a romantic movie and hearing Dorothy Bold say, “You had me at hello!” gives a warm, sweet sensation that is perfectly matched by our Naples Mix. Each bite will have you craving more.

“We’ll always have Paris” needs a little classic twist. The Truffle Parmesan Is just that. Light and elegant yet wholesome. Any true romantic can nibble away all evening.

A family gathering means bulk bags of buttery popcorn. “Ohana means family. And family means no one gets left behind.” So, pick up the largest bag of our movie theater popcorn, so no one’s taste buds get left behind.

The Best Popcorn Company knows that they make the best popcorn. Kettle cooked to perfection so that we know when you buy our popcorn, you’ll have to say “I’ll be back.”

For now, the popcorn crew sends their goodbyes. “Hasta la vista, baby!”

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Popcorn is the perfect snack. It's tasty, it's tempting, it's timeless. You can eat popcorn while you relax with the family, playing board games, watching movies, and gaining new memories. You can give popcorn as a gift at a wedding or baby shower, using it's flavored kernels and puffs as a sign of love and friendship through food. 

Our gourmet popcorn is specially made, with a unique cooking process and dozens of flavors. We can match any theme or event through color and taste. Are you watching Game of Thrones, and are rooting for Daenerys Targaryen? We can compliment your Sunday HBO night with a perfect combination of Blackberry and Cherry Corn. Are you planning your perfect tropical themed wedding? We can make all of your quests' taste-buds erupt with flavor with our Key Lime Corn.

The options and possibilities are endless!

Popcorn Tales will convey our rich history through our delectable popcorn flavors!
Orange Creme Caramel Corn
Nectar of the Gods and Florida's Best
Did you know, throughout the ages, the fruit of citrus trees has been symbolic of eternal love, happiness, and even holiness?  Kings and queens built entire indoor gardens around citrus.  Hercules so valued it, he stole the golden fruit from Hesperides, who protected it as a primary food of ancient Greek Gods. Orange trees crossed our Florida shores when early Spanish explorers saw fit to plant them near St. Augustine, during the late 16th century.  The production of Florida oranges has blossomed into our state's most valuable agricultural commodity.  In fact, Florida produces three-quarters of all oranges in the US and the most oranges of any region of the world.  That's a lot of oranges, folks!

Our Orange Cream caramel corn bursts with all the sweetness and nostalgia of an orange cream ice pop, but with none of the sticky, drippy mess.  Luscious and refreshing, this sublime, summer flavor will put you in a sunshine state of mind, in no time.
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Now, no matter where you are heading, to the beach or across the world, you can enjoy the nectar of the Gods and a sweet reminder of Florida's best with each and every handful of our fresh Orange Cream caramel corn.  So, grab a bag and taste the sunshine!

Get Ready!  It's almost time to show off your best red, white, and blue, America.  The 4th of July is less than a month away, and this 240th Independence Day, we invite you to celebrate our nation Best Popcorn Style with our festive mix of red, white, and blue gourmet popcorn.  Designed to be a showstopper at your backyard barbecue bash, parade watch, or fireworks show, our summer inspired assortment of Independence Day flavors will elevate your palate to new heights.  With each handful of popcorn, you'll experience an explosion of red, white, and blue flavors ranging from refreshing watermelon, cherry, or strawberry; smooth and creamy vanilla; to sweet and tangy blue raspberry or blueberry.  A little whiz, bang, yum for everyone in the family!

Ready to get your hands on our delicious Independence Day flavors?   We've got you covered.  Give us a call, email, or shop online.  We're more than happy to fulfill orders for individual serving bags for $3.50 a piece or stockpile your party with our 18 cup serving size, bulk supply of popcorn for only $14.00.

This Independence Day, give your festivities the extra 'Red, White, and Pop!' you've been looking for, care of Best Popcorn Company.  Your taste buds wand your party hosting chops will go boom!

Popcorn & the TV Remote= A Happy Dad!

 Father’s Day is right around the corner. Can’t think of what to get Pops, this year? Give him the best; give him the gift of The Best Popcorn Company gourmet popcorn. Crunchy and fluffy, sweet and salty, and freshly made to order in our piping hot kettles, it’s the gift that will be simply irresistible and nearly impossible to share. Nah, we bet he’s the kind of mighty dad who gives all he can for his family. Thanks, Dad!
And, from our family to yours, we’re pleased to celebrate Papas everywhere by offering an unbeatable Father’s Day deal to be shipped straight to your home at no extra cost. When you order three bags of our locally made, gourmet popcorn (each bag with a flavor of your choosing), we’ll add in a free bonus bag of popcorn with a unique flavor creatively crafted by us in our kitchen just for Dad’s day. With six serving cups of popcorn total in the three bags, plus the fourth bonus bag of popcorn, Dad will have plenty to snack on, while he enjoys watching a game or movie or while he simply cozies into his favorite spot—it’s his day. Time to relax, Pops!

Delectable, and just a tad decadent, popcorn flavors Dad will love include our:
  • White Cheddar with Maple Bacon Caramel
  • Original Caramel
  • Our famous Chettle Mix (a combination of Kettle, Yellow Cheese, and Caramel)
  • Our Naples Mix (a combination of White Cheddar and Caramel)
  • One of our many other summer BBQ flavors you can peruse at 

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19. Call or email us today to order this Father’s Day special. Cheers!  The Best Popcorn Company is the proud owner of The Popcorn Cellar!  

Free Local Delivery!

There's still time to place an order for gift or holiday event bundles! 

Our mini bags of popcorn are the perfect guest favor for any holiday get together. We have a variety of unique and delicious seasonal flavors to choose from including: Gingerbread, Hot Cinnamon, Peppermint Cream, Butterscotch, Traditional Caramel, Naples Mix, Chicago Mix, and Key Lime! Mix and match a few flavors to give your guests some variety. At just $3 with a minimum order of 10 mini bags you can't go wrong!

To really give your guests a special treat, add a 1lb bag of our handcrafted saltwater taffy to your order for $9.50. Our taffy is locally made the old fashioned way and is truly authentic. Our fresh flavors include: Cherry, Banana, Mango, Tangerine, Pina Colado, Cotton Candy, Key Lime, Mojito, and Margarita. 

Contact us today at to place your order which includes free Greater Naples Area delivery!


Thank you to everyone who joined us at the 3rd Street Christmas event! It was a fun and busy evening filled with lots of popcorn, limeade and marshmallow roasting!

This week won't be short on the excitement either! On Thursday you can join us at the 5th Avenue Christmas Tree lighting event. On Friday whether in town, or further away from the shore we have something for you! We'll be at the Naples Harley Davidson on Pine Ridge for their Why We Ride event ( or at Ave Maria for their Christmas festivities. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Christmas on 3rd Street last night. We had a wonderful evening celebrating the beginning of the holiday season with all of you. Come roast Marshmallows with us again on 5th Ave next week on Thursday, December 3rd! Can't wait to see you there!

Here at Naples Popcorn Company we're getting ready for the holidays. Contact us for special holiday flavors, gifting options and packages. Your corn will be cooked fresh and delivered quickly for your friends and family to enjoy! You can visit our sister company, The Popcorn Cellar, to place orders online, or contact us today!
Try our mini popcorn bags paired with our Tropical Taffy to make a custom gift bag for your next event! We can create special popcorn and taffy flavors just for you. Our taffy and corn will make the perfect salty sweet event treat!