Popcorn Tales Orange Creme!

Popcorn Tales will convey our rich history through our delectable popcorn flavors!
Orange Creme Caramel Corn
Nectar of the Gods and Florida's Best
Did you know, throughout the ages, the fruit of citrus trees has been symbolic of eternal love, happiness, and even holiness?  Kings and queens built entire indoor gardens around citrus.  Hercules so valued it, he stole the golden fruit from Hesperides, who protected it as a primary food of ancient Greek Gods. Orange trees crossed our Florida shores when early Spanish explorers saw fit to plant them near St. Augustine, during the late 16th century.  The production of Florida oranges has blossomed into our state's most valuable agricultural commodity.  In fact, Florida produces three-quarters of all oranges in the US and the most oranges of any region of the world.  That's a lot of oranges, folks!

Our Orange Cream caramel corn bursts with all the sweetness and nostalgia of an orange cream ice pop, but with none of the sticky, drippy mess.  Luscious and refreshing, this sublime, summer flavor will put you in a sunshine state of mind, in no time.
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Now, no matter where you are heading, to the beach or across the world, you can enjoy the nectar of the Gods and a sweet reminder of Florida's best with each and every handful of our fresh Orange Cream caramel corn.  So, grab a bag and taste the sunshine!

Sharon Kurgis
Sharon Kurgis